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Precast Concrete Pools

Save Money with Precast Concrete Pools

For a project like the installation of a pool, the cost of labor is typically very significant. That's because once the hole is dug, installers have to prepare for shooting gunite or shotcrete onsite.  The onsite work can be very time-consuming.

With pre-manufactured pools, the forming and finishing are done in a factory, eliminating the need for expensive on-site work. A hole still needs to be dug on your property, but after that, the precast pool is brought in on a truck. Then, it is lowered into the hole as a single unit. While some work still needs to be done, such as hooking up the filtration system and other elements, there is far less labor involved.

Dirigo Pools goes even further with its labor-saving pre-manufactured pools. The plumbing and electrical aspects needed for proper pool operation are already integrated into their precast concrete pools, so these things do not have to be installed separately at your site. Not only that, a hot tub is included, so you get to swim or soak as you desire.

The speed offered by Dirigo Pools doesn't just extend to the reduction of onsite labor. You also get your pool much faster than you would with most traditional pool builders. In some areas, traditional pool companies are backed up for several months or even years. A Dirigo pool, on the other hand, can be delivered to you in just a couple of months!

Finally, these pre-manufactured pools are made right in Las Vegas, NV. You can rest assured that you're getting American quality with every pool and hot tub combo.

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