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About us

dirigo latin verb

Definition: I lead —motto of the state of Maine referring by analogy to the North Star. 

Dirigo Pools leads the precast pool market by manufacturing and seamlessly delivering the highest quality, most spectacular looking product.


The Dirigo Story

Mario Abaldo (center) has nearly 40 years of experience in structural engineering, architecture, commercial developments and residential projects - specifically, high end custom pools. Mario has built some of the largest and most impressive pools in the United States. His attention to detail and dedication to excellence has left him revered as one of the greatest pool builders of his time.

While working long days on various job sites, Mario began developing his vision of a line of precast concrete pool and spa combinations. The concept was dynamic, new, and exciting and Mario knew his idea could change the pool industry forever.

To make this dream a reality, Mario brought on his son Julian Abaldo as COO and Mary Erb as CEO. Julian had recently graduated from Bowdoin College, and Mary from Northwestern University - both NCAA All American swimmers. They built the company structure and decided to move operations to Las Vegas, NV - where they could access all of the larger pool markets on the West Coast. Manufacturing now takes place at their facility in Las Vegas and pools are shipped all over the country! 

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