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Offering the largest precast concrete swimming pools on the market

Precast concrete pools are a sleek, cost-effective, luxurious alternative to shot-in-place pools. Dirigo Pools’ robust structure is stronger and sturdier than traditional vinyl liner pools and fiberglass shells. Dirigo Pools is the only precast concrete swimming pool that fully integrates its plumbing and electrical within the structure. 


The Dirigo Story

Mario Abaldo has nearly 40 years of experience in structural engineering, architecture, commercial developments and residential projects - specifically, high end custom pools. Mario has built some of the largest and most impressive pools in the United States. His attention to detail and dedication to excellence has left him revered as one of the greatest pool builders of his time.

While working long days on various job sites, Mario began developing his vision of a line of precast concrete pool and spa combinations. The concept was dynamic, new, and exciting and Mario knew his idea could change the pool industry forever.

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