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Every Dirigo Pool includes: 

  •  Precast concrete pool & spa

  • 1-3 hp variable speed pump

  • Cartridge filter

  • Heater (optional)

  • Salt chlorine generator

  • Full automation 

  • Smartphone control

  • All equipment plumbed on skid

  • Spa side remote

  • LED spa lights (color optional)

  • LED pool lights (color optional)

  • Tile or stone interior finish

  • Coping (optional)

All Dirigo Pools can be installed in ground, at bench height, above ground or anything in between.


Each Dirigo Pool is finished inside with one of our preselected tiles or stones. Finishes can be made custom. 

Check out our current models 

Pool and Hot Tub Combinations: 

Cushing - 22'x8' pool and hot tub

Alvito - 24'x10' pool and hot tub

Malibu - 26'x12' pool and hot tub

Every model can be made with or

without hot tub. 

Hot Tub Only: 

Maui - 8'x8' hot tub

Updated Tile & water midground
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